Somewhere, we have all gazed upon an image so stunning, so breathtakingly compelling, that it has remained a part of us long afterward.

As a photographer, my goal is to recreate that sensation, and TriMerous Photography grew out of my desire to share that feeling with others. Capturing the sheer beauty of the natural world through my lens is still my favorite pastime. When we have time, my husband John and I can usually be seen trekking around with camera and binoculars, always in search of that next great shot. If you are a nature enthusiast you might bump into us on the trails at Nature Preserves and Indiana State Parks!

Photography has become such a part of me that what began as a hobby has transitioned into my life’s work. I love being witness to the raw emotion of the wedding day. Capturing the intimate moments and remarkable beauty of the celebration has become one of my passions. My clients become like family to me, and being entrusted to preserve such important images is not a privilege I take lightly. My work begins long before the ceremony, and if I’ve done my job, culminates in a collection of memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.


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